Sunday, August 11, 2013


Coincidences or
Faith Moments??

How many times have we asked ourselves if prayers are answered?  Is God talking to us?  Does He really hear me?  I have to share, there are many times when I have asked myself that question.  I talk with God, share with Him all my thoughts, let Him know everything that is happening and pray for what I believe needs to get done.   Then I wait, and wait, and don't get the results that I was looking for.  As always, it points back to - "Am I asking for the right things - is my direction God's direction?"

Then, before I know it - fate happens.  You know what I am talking about.  That moment when things seem to come together, when life all lines up.  I used to call it fate, a coincidence.  I realized many years ago - it has nothing to do with fate or coincidences.  Those are what I like to call "faith moments".  They are moments in time when it isn't the moons all aligning together, or a matter of the wind blowing in the right direction.  Those are moments when God is working.  They are moments when He is answering our prayers, when He is in our lives and directing its path, when He is right there with us.

Funny how God works.  I truly believe He has a sense of humor.  God waits for that right moment, the moment when we will actually notice.  Often, we will look at those times in our days and say "That's a coincidence - that someone assists us just when we needed help, without us asking for it," or "That's a coincidence - that what we are struggling with happens to finally work," just when we are at our breaking point of frustration.  My husband has those moments!  He will be working on a project with a car or around the house, praying a simple prayer of help to God.  Just at the moment when he is ready to give up (or use some choice words), help comes his way!  The project starts heading in the right direction.  He has certainly shared with me many times that he has had "faith moments".

I certainly have had my fair share of those moments as well.  Complete frustration with a situation.  Unable to find a solution with a problem.  I talk with God, ask Him for what I believe needs to happen.  No answer!  Yet, later (could be hours, days, or months), something else happens - an answer, a solution, the frustration ends.  Is it coincidence?  I say no.  These are faith moments.  I believe they happen all the time, every day.  Yet, our lives are too busy to take notice.  We rush through them, accept the moment as "fate", and keep going.

Last Monday was a perfect example of one of those moments.  We were starting a new Bible study that evening - on forgiveness.  The parable we were going to focus on that evening was the wonderful parable of the prodigal son.  I was looking forward to it, felt I could have used some extra guidance.  That morning, I turned on the Christian radio station I typically listen to - the study of choice that day?  The Prodigal Son!!!  Listening intently, I smiled (I am sure with God), as the teaching moved me.  He provided guidance all right.  It certainly was a faith moment. 

Those around me have become accustomed to me saying that "it isn't fate, it's faith".  Simple faith.  If we have faith that God will be there for us, just like we should be there for Him, the faith will be strengthened.  Faith moments happen every day.  We need to take the time to listen, to stay still a bit, to FEEL God's presence surround us.  I encourage you this week to find some faith moments.  They are there.  Write them down, post them on your refrigerator.  Let them be a gentle reminder to you of God's wonder.  I would love to hear from you in the comments section of my blog - feel free to share your faith moments......

"Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord." (NIV) Psalm 27:14

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