Sunday, January 26, 2014

Gaining Wisdom


As human beings, certainly as we get older, I believe we have this propensity to give advice, counsel, and "words of wisdom" to others.  Maybe it is a friend sharing their struggles with us.  Or is it one of our children who needs our advice (well, at least we THINK they need our advice).  Our spouse or significant other may come to us with a problem.  Even a co-worker could share a difficult situation they are having with us.  Lo and behold, as I think back upon the times when I have found myself in the situations above - I found myself providing ways that the person might be able to find a path to solving their problem, their issue, their concern. 

The same has held true when I found myself with a problem or difficult situation.  Many wonderful family members, friends, and colleagues have provided their guiding hand to me along my life to assist me in the advice that was needed by me.  Sometimes it was asked for, sometimes it was not.  All of it was taken under consideration as I tried to move forward in whatever concern I was dealing with at the time.  This is all very helpful.  Having those individuals we can go to and share our issues and gain guidance from is very important in this earthly life.  It helps us to get the needed perspective and, many times, paves a path for us to move forward.

I've been thinking lately, about our concerns in life.  Not just the life-changing situations where we need guidance, but also the small issues and problems.  What about the opportunities for us to look for true wisdom.  There may be many we may feel we can go to for that vast wisdom.  Yet, there is truly only One who holds that wisdom for us.  God freely provides His wisdom for us, whenever we ask.  He never holds anything back from us.  He is willing to guide us, show us the path, pave the journey ahead, and provide solutions to all our concerns, big or small.  When we ask for God's wisdom,though, we need to do so in pure faith - with the solid belief that He will provide the answer.  No doubts on our part.  Easy enough, right?

Well, think it over.  I know that there have been NUMEROUS times in my life when I have gone to God, "in pure faith", for His guidance.  I went to Him, asking for His wisdom with a journey I was on.  I may have gone to God in a moment of optimism or desperation.  I believed I went to Him with pure faith, waiting for His answer, His wisdom.  Before I knew it, I was taking the situation BACK from him.  This tug of war began to ensue between me and God when I doubt if He heard me, if He really "understood" what I was talking about.  Please tell me you have been there, too.  Whether I have asked God's wisdom on how to deal with a situation with my friends/family or guidance on a path for my future, there have been many times when he:
  • Didn't work fast enough for me
  • I couldn't clearly see what He wanted for me 
  • The situation was not fixing itself as I had planned
For these, and many more reasons, I chose to doubt God's wisdom and do it on my own.  Each time I tried it that way, it went miserably.  It wasn't until I truly gave the situation, in full, to God's wisdom was I able to see, to hear, to feel what He wanted to show me, the wisdom he wanted to share with me.  Having faith in God's wisdom is easier said than done.  What I have learned over the many years is that when I truly ask for God's wisdom, and I truly listen for His answer, my life is better.  The situation I am struggling with is better.  The peace He chooses for me arrives.  

God WANTS to give us His wisdom.  He freely gives it to us, to all those who have faith.  Doubt can be a powerful tool that grips us when life gets difficult.  Faith can see us to the brighter side - the side that has the solutions, the answers, the path.  God provides us the wisdom we need.  All we need to do is ask.  

So the next time you need to gain some wisdom, ask the one that is there with you - right by your side.  Speak out loud, in faith.  I know as I choose to do so, my life finds the wisdom He freely gives to me.  No need to doubt in Him.  He loves us too much to turn His back on us.  Remember, God gave us His only Son.  Simple Faith for Great Wisdom.  Let's try it together~~

"If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.  But when  you ask, you must believe and not doubt."  (NIV)  James 1:5-6

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