Sunday, March 16, 2014

Boldly Repent


Friday, Spring will be here.  It is hard to believe, as we still have much snow on the ground here in New Hampshire, but it will be Spring.  During the many snowstorms this winter, us "New Englanders" didn't believe it would come.  Yet, God doesn't let us down, and as it does every March 21st,  it will return.  We are starting to see small signs of this.  We have a day or two when it gets above 40 (a real heat wave)!  We see puddles where the snow is melting.  I have actually seen small buds on the trees, noting that spring is coming.  Yet, what I hear are the geese - the geese are returning!  Geese have the most remarkable sound.  When they squawk, it is bold, it is loud, and you can hear it coming long before you see them in the sky.  I find it incredible that their sound is so deep, so rich.  I know I will soon see them among a small patch of grass, grazing.  It brings a smile to my face.

During this past week, as I have tried to spend more time listening to my God, I realized something.  The more I listen, the more He talks to me.  He advises, counsels, and yes, helps me to recognize where I have gone wrong.  There were times when he whispered to me, "Susan, are you sure you need to participate in that conversation?  Is that really something you want to say?".  There were other times when he squawked, like the geese, saying, "Do This" or "Go There" or my personal favorite, "Really?  What are you thinking?".   What I realized was that when I didn't listen, my day was not in God's hands.  The times I made poor decisions, or had bad thoughts, or didn't act when I should have, my day didn't go so well.

Although I certainly could have done a much better job listening to my God, as the week went on, I took some time.  I stopped, throughout my day, and focused on the one who focuses on me.  I tried to make time for the one who makes time for me, always!  Jesus never turns me away when I talk to Him, he never says, "I'm a little busy now" (and who has a better excuse to be busy than Jesus)!!  Yet, I never feel as if I am bothering Him.  He has put up with so much from me, times when I said I've been too busy, don't have time to chat, don't have time to act, etc.  Yet, not my Jesus, He is always there for me.  Small, simple moments is what God asks from us.  Certainly the more dedicated time should be His as well.  Yet, as our days get moving, taking small, simple moments for the one who ALWAYS has time for us, is important.

To take the moments means that we need to listen, to recognize.  Remember the next step?  Repent.  As I went through my day trying to be more cognizant of where I went wrong, I stopped, in the moment, and repented.  I realized these moments more often in my day, and repented - actually took time to say, "God, Forgive Me".  I was nudged by God to move in a different direction, more productive and fulfilling.  Yet, I know that my repenting needs to be BOLD.  It needs to proceed me, like the squawking of the geese.  I need to share boldly, "Forgive me Father, for I have sinned."  He's taking the time to put me on the right path.  I can boldly ask for repentance, and walk in a brighter path.

As I shared last week, I want to recognize, repent, and grow.  I NEED to do these things.  Share a prayer with me.  Father, please continue to open my eyes, my heart, my ears, and my soul to you.  Let me take time, simple time, to listen to you Dear Lord.  Show me, where I cannot see, when I am not acting towards your divine will.  Guide my heart away from evil to places of delight in You.  Bring my soul the refreshing water of Your forgiveness.  Hear me asking for forgiveness, repenting of my sins, and help me grow closer to You!  

May we continue on our journey to become closer to Jesus this Lenten season.  Boldly repent; share it loudly like the geese; so that we may graze in His heavenly home some day.

"I tell you that in the same way there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who do not need to repent."  (NIV) Luke 15:7

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