Sunday, December 14, 2014

Joy within Sorrow

"Those who sow with tears will reap with songs of joy."  (NIV)  Psalm 126:5

The third Sunday of Advent - JOY!  Joy is one of those awesome words - it helps us to understand what could possibly be greater than "happiness".  Great JOY comes in so many different shapes and sizes, so many different situations.  It's hard to believe that joy can rise up from sorrow - but then again, that is the beauty of life, of God!

A few days ago marked 25 years since my grandmother had passed.  I remember the day my mom called.  I remember the days following that call.  Most of all, I remember the wake, the funeral, the family, the friends.  The people kept coming, streaming from every doorway.  I knew she was well liked, but THIS many people? It certainly brought perspective to how many lives my grandmother touched.  Amongst all the people, tears were not being shed.  There were squeals of laughter and not many tears.  This was a wake, really?  Yes, really.  Out of a time of sorrow, our Dear Lord brought great joy.  

There have been many times in my life where the sorrow I was feeling led to a moment of joy - helping me to understand that I am not always in control. When I need our Lord, He is always there for me, to bring me down a greater path.  This thought led me to all the joyful moments I have had in my life was well.  Just pure JOY that The Lord bestowed upon me or my family.  One of those moments happened this week.

After much waiting and anticipation, our son received the letter every senior awaits - the one from the college of their choice sharing that they have been accepted.  As Christian read over the letter, a sense of pure joy (and relief) exuded from him.  Such tears of joy were incredible to see.  He had worked very hard for this one moment, the moment where he could breathe and say, "I got in!"

This helped me to think about the joy we have with our savior.  Let's reflect upon Mary's utter joy when Jesus was born and the wise men visited - such JOY.  What about when Mary came upon the open tomb and met the resurrected Jesus down the lane - incredible JOY.  Most importantly to us, we have a JOY to look forward to that nobody can take away from us, the joy that we will feel when we enter the heavenly kingdom.  

I have been fortunate to have much JOY in my life.  The type of JOY that surpasses general happiness.  Blessings from God are truly to be treasured.  Reflect on the moments of JOY in your life.  Have you, too, experienced joy from sorrow?  I think that the best joy of all is the type we have when we take stock of all of our sins, too many to bear, and the JOY that fills our hearts when we know our Savior was born of this earth only to die and take all of my sins with him.  NOW THAT'S JOY!!  Advent Blessings to All!!

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