Sunday, July 5, 2015

Change Around Us

Change seems to be all around us!  Now there is a statement that we hear often, but for some reason, change seems to be even greater these past 6-12 months.  Around every corner, there is change in my life - and I'm sure change in your life as well.

I look at work and change is all around me.  Change in those who are with the company and those who have decided to move on.  There are always changes in priorities, what is most important to work on right now and what needs to take back seat.  There are changes in me as I work hard to continue to strenghten my professional skills to keep up with the . . . . CHANGES!  

I look at the world around me.  Our society is changing.  Yes, there are things like new laws (New Hampshire just passed the law that you can't hold your phone while driving anymore - a safe law).  There are many other societal changes, what is legal, what is not legal; what is right, what is wrong; what is good, what is bad.  Yes, we could spend much time debating all of those changes (not something that I want to take on right now).  I am sure you can agree, our world is changing.

I also look at my own family and there is plenty of change.  Our children are getting older and making decisions that will change their future.  The landscape of our home is changing with those decisions - it is much quieter than it used to be.  Even Juan and I are looking at how our lives will change in the upcoming years - we will eventually be on OUR own in the next few years.  We certainly never thought that day would come!

Change can get the better of us.  It can motivate us to do better, or it can beat us down to depression.  Change can bring us hope or heartache.  Anyway we look at change - it can be difficult.  Think about change, though, as a child.  We were a bit more flexible back then (and I'm not just talking physically).  We tended to "go with the flow", to follow our parents wherever they guided us, and didn't seem to get too wrapped up in the details of change.

That is why I chose the verse for this week.  Change can be hard.  It can be difficult.  It can lead to a tough path.  It can be devastating.  Yet, if we look at change through the eyes of a child, the change can be fun, it can be exciting, it can be a new journey.  As Christians, we can look at change that way because we have the solid rock, the guiding father of JESUS to bring us forward.  Change can be uncomfortable because we don't know what the future holds - but Jesus does.  Change can drain the energy from us - but the Holy Spirit can fill us back up.  Change can build distrust - but we have God in whom we can fully trust for the very best of US.  Change is a word that can be scary, but there is no need to fear for our kingdom in heaven will always be waiting for us.

Reflect back on all the changes that took place in the Bible - changes in people (Saul to Paul), changes in kingdoms (Nebakanezer to David), changes in jobs (slave to leader).  Through all those changes and more, God was, is, and will always be, present!  Remember that as we face the changes ahead of us.  May we follow God and focus on Him alone - change will be easier and more meaningful.  Trust in God when change surrounds you.  His foundation will be all we need!

"God, our rock and foundation, bless us as we see change all around us.  Help us to rely on you and you alone when change seems insurmountable.  May we see change through YOUR eyes, God, and know that we should not fear it, but embrace it.  Thank you for being our rock of salvation.  Amen"

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