Sunday, June 12, 2016

Is There Comfort?

"Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted."  (NIV)  Matthew 5:4

Above is the second beatitude.  Out of all the beatitudes, I believe that this is one that people tend to understand the most.  It seems simple enough - those who mourn will be comforted.  Yet, there is much behind this particular beatitude that I know I needed to learn, and I hope it is helpful for you as well.

Mourning can take on many faces in many facets.  Usually, mourning is associated with a death of a dear loved one, family or friend, who was close to us.  Those of us who have lost a person dear to us may have experienced this OVERWHELMING sense of loss - the kind where our hearts break.  I consider this to be mourning.  It is more than sad, and it tends to last a bit longer.  I pray that many of you haven't had to experience mourning, yet sadly, I'm sure many of you have experienced this emotion.

Mourning surrounding those things that Jesus holds dear to him, like each and every one of His children, is consider "blessing worthy".  Yet there is other mourning in this world that people take to great extents - mourning that seems greater than those who leave this earthly life.  People can mourn over many things like a loss of material things (a beloved car that they feel can't be replaced, a piece of jewelry that has gone missing,) or even things that were not good for us to begin with (a difficult job with a lack of values, a toxic relationship, etc.).  When we mourn over things that are NOT Godly, things that we don't have in a correct priority in our lives or continue the mourning of a sad situation and refuse to do something about it - that type of mourning can be self induced.

Jesus blesses the mourning of what HE would mourn, because there is only one way to comfort for those things - God's promise of everlasting life.  Our place in heaven has already been selected for us.  Our time in heaven with our Jesus has already been pre-determined.  Our joy and happiness in eternity is waiting for you and me.  It is also the same for all those who have gone before us.  The good news of the Gospel shares with us that although me may mourn, there is great comfort in knowing that Jesus has prepared a room in heaven for us and for each member of this earthly world who has received Him.  In doing so, we get the grace of comfort.  When our mourning takes us past loved ones and we mourn about certain situations in life, Jesus can bring comfort there, too.

What we mourn over is seen to Jesus.  He brings comfort, as promised above, to those who mourn.  Where can someone who has incredible and overwhelming sorrow due to a loss of that magnitude find comfort?  Jesus, the rock where many answers can be seen.  When my dad passed to heaven, the loss and mourning seemed unbearable.  Although I tried very hard to be a strong person on the outside and share all the things that I knew were correct to say, "He's in a better place, I know he has no pain, etc.", (all of which are true by the way), that didn't seem to take away from the overwhelming sadness I felt in my soul.  The many nights of crying, the many nights of questioning, the many nights of hope gone array.  It seemed too much to bear - too much to comprehend.  Although Daddy had been quite sick, he always seemed to get better - why was it THIS time that he had to go.

As the days, months, and years have gone by, I have come to realize that it was the perfect time for God to bring my Dad home.  The events that took place in my life and in our family's life from that point forward may have been very difficult for Daddy to comprehend.  I am so very glad that he didn't have to see any of that.  There is true comfort in that.  When God shared His plan for my Dad with me (and no, unfortunately, He didn't have dinner with me and tell me that), I was truly comforted.  That plan was revealed to me day by day, moment by moment.  When I found myself saying, "I'm glad Daddy wasn't here for that," it helped, it comforted.  That combined with knowing where Daddy is, well, who can't find complete joy in that.

Mourning and comfort are difficult emotions to comprehend together.  Yet they are most appropriate to be seen together.  I pray, for anyone who is truly mourning today, to know that the plan God has for you is a perfect plan.  His plan will pick you up out of the mourning bed and rise you to new and wonderful heights.  Take time to see it.  Stop crying just long enough to see the good.  Stop being bitter long enough to hear His word.  Stop the constant movement just long enough to read of His goodness.  You, too, will find the comfort amidst the mourning.

"Dearest Jesus, we thank you that you love us enough to bless those who mourn.  When our mourning gets overwhelming, we know that you are there, Lord, to pull us out of it and bring us comfort and hope.  If we are not the ones right now who are mourning, may we pray this prayer for someone who is.  May they see your light, and rest their head on your pillow of comfort.  Thank you for always knowing exactly what we need Jesus.  Amen" 

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