Sunday, January 29, 2017

You're Paid For

"For you were bought with a price.  Therefore honor God with your bodies." 
1 Corinthians 6:20  (NIV)

The last couple of weeks have found life very busy.  With many different concerns happening in all aspects of my life, it seems no matter where I turn, something needs my attention.  Work, family, household chores, the list gets longer.  Please know that I have an amazing family that is always helping, always assisting.  Yet, when I finally had a moment to sit down after a long day of activity, I sighed a heavy sigh.  My daughter looked over at me and smiled.  "What's so funny?" I asked.  She said, "You're paid for."  Sure enough, on my sock, was the sticker from the case of water I bought earlier in the day.

This phrase made me think about many situations where "you're paid for" may apply.  Just earlier this week, my husband and I had the privilege to watch our son swear into the Navy.  The entire process has been an experience for our son, Chris, as well as for the rest of our family.  We are extremely proud of his decision and support him greatly.  Yet, as one can imagine, there is much apprehension, especially during these first few weeks of boot camp.  We are all focusing on the opportunity we get to send and receive letters.  

Although always respectful of the men and women who serve our country (my dad served as a Marine in the Korean War), when it is your own child who has decided on this path, it brings to light even stronger awareness of the price these men and women pay for each and every one of us.  Yes, the incredible sacrifice of giving up "every day life" conveniences is one thing.  Yet, when they are deployed into dangerous situations, they understand that they are paying the price for our freedoms.  Even as I write these words, my heart is full of pride as well as empty as I miss my son.

The reflection of these words, "You're Paid For", also took me to the One who has paid the ultimate price for me.  Our Dear Jesus paid for me with the greatest price - His life.  Through His death, I will have the ability to live life eternally with Him in paradise. His unconditional love, for you and for me, drove Him to show this love through the most unselfish act one can offer another - His life for mine.  His horrific death leads me to life eternal.   That specific thought can lead me to ask, "Am I truly worthy of eternal life?"  Jesus answers a resounds, "YES, YES, YES".  His love solidifies this to me every day.

"You're Paid For" are words that have deeply impacted me today.  Those words have followed me to thoughts of my son and thoughts of my Jesus.  So the next time you see a "PAID" sticker, may it take your thoughts to those who are paying a price for you.  Let's reflect on those people, and may our hearts be full with pride and love.

"Dearest Jesus - thank you never seems enough when we realize the price you paid for us.  Help us to be reminded of your unconditional love for us and our place in eternity.  In your name we pray, Amen."

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