Sunday, February 12, 2017

The Peace of a Blanket of Snow

"I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace.  In this world you will have trouble.  But take heart!  I have overcome the world."  John 16:33  (NIV)

Snow in New England is always fun.  When the snow falls gently from the sky, and lands softly on the earth, it can truly be mesmerizing.  It seems as if I can watch snow fall for hours.  Yet, not every snowfall comes to New England in that fashion.  More than not, we get snowstorms called Nor'easter.  This is snowfall of a very different nature.

Typically, Nor'easters are coming in off the water.  They come with a vengeance.  These storms are full of wind and A LOT of snow.  Not the usual snow that is measured in inches, but snow that is measured in one or two feet.  Yes, it's a different kind of snow.  When the snow falls from the sky, it comes in with blizzard conditions, blowing and drifting.  This past week we had one of these storms.  We are also having another one as I write this blog.  Nor'easters can also be mesmerizing.

There is much challenge that comes with these storms, much trouble.  Trying to drive in this type of snowstorm can be troubling.  There is very low visibility, windshield wipers freeze up, a four-lane highway goes down to one lane, and side roads are filled with snow.  Plow drivers try so hard to clear the snow, but as soon as they make a pass, it seems as if it is back filled with more snow.  It can be very troubling.

Yet, once the storm passes, the snow is absolutely beautiful.  It becomes a picture of peace.  The world slows down, people find the joy in the snow, and the heavy sighs end with a smile on our faces.  We live in New England - and this is part of our winter.  When I think of this beauty, the Bible verse from today comes to mind.  There may be trouble with some of our snowstorms, but they result in peace.

Our lives follow the path of snow.  How so?  We will have trouble in our lives.  Sometimes, we have low visibility and cannot see where the path of trouble is taking us.  Sometimes we freeze up, and are unable to move due to the load of trouble we are carrying.  Then sometimes, our highway of options go down to one lane, and the troubled journey may seem long.  But take heart!!  Peace is coming.  When our trust lies in the Lord, the trouble of our lives can find peace, just like the trouble of a Nor'easter can find the peace of fallen snow.

So, as snow may fall in your day, and the troubles that come with snow can be difficult, know that the peace of a blanket of snow will soon come.  The troubles of our days will find peace.  We just need to take heart in our Jesus - who endured much trouble for the peace of sitting next to His heavenly father in paradise.

"Dearest Lord, we know that troubles will be part of our journey here on earth.  Help us to endure the troubles to the peace that is on the other side.  The peace of a new-fallen blanket of snow can be a wonderful reminder that troubles can take us to a beautiful place.  Amen."

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