Sunday, April 7, 2013

Spreading Wings-First Day of a New Life


This is new for me - spreading my wings in the social media world!  I love to write.  I love my Lord.  I love to write about my Lord!  There is so much I would like to share with the world about Faith and how it can truly set you free.  Today, I start!!  My parents are a great inspiration for me.  My dad passed on to our Father in heaven almost 12 years ago.  A passion of his was creating incredible stained glass pieces.  Although this is not his, it is a combination of what he loved, butterflies and stained glass.  This combination shared his belief of always growing, spreading our wings to something beautiful - and the true detail of beauty of stained glass pieces, in essence, every one of us.  My mother, continues to share her faith with me every day.

I am also beginning a new Online Bible Series with Proverbs 31 and Melissa Taylor -  I am excited about this opportunity that brings a mode of learning I am very familiar with, classic Bible study, to a not so familiar territory - online learning.  So, in essence, it is the First Day of a New Life.

As well, my husband and I will also begin a new Bible Study with some dear friends on Christian Character. Yes, many new beginnings are starting for me.  New steps for me.  I am very anxious, very excited, and hoping that you will join me.

As we begin and share on this journey, I hope to share with others - others I have not met and others that will share in my interests.

Simplified Faith is something I believe we have lost.  We, I, have worked hard in our lives to sometimes make things more difficult than they need to be.  Faith can be included in that.  My goal, is to bring us back to the basics of faith, simplify it, so that we lean on our faith more strongly, and let it guide us to a more fulfilled life.  So let us begin this journey together.

I hope to use my blog as a special place to share thoughts on Bible Studies, thoughts on Faith, Hope, Love, thoughts on life!  I hope you enjoy reading and growing with me.

"...The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love."(NIV)  Galatians 5:6

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Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope we can share how God's grace has been life changing and that SIMPLE FAITH, getting back to a life that is rooted in the basics, can truly set us free to achieve so much in our lives.