Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Road Trip


It's vacation time!  In a few days, we will be embarking on a family road trip.  Not too long, but enough to get everyone into the car and drive for a while.  We haven't done this for a while, and to be honest, I am looking forward to it.  Yes, getting everyone in the car means the questions will fly, "When will we be there?", "Is there a rest area soon?", "I'm hungry, is there food anywhere?".  No need to worry, I am prepared for all of it.   I have our entire trip planned out, where we will be going, what we will be seeing, when we will see it, etc.  Remember?  I'm the one in control - the planner.

As you can expect, and as I have already prepared myself, it won't go EXACTLY to plan.  I have learned over the years that although the best laid plans may be in front of us and we have them securely set, the journey is truly meant to be different.  For low and behold, it is not OUR plan and OUR journey that we are taking - it is God's plan for us and God's journey for us that we are living.

When I think about the journey that he has set for me, it has been filled with many incredible blessings.  Some of those blessings I saw and was able to appreciate exactly the moment they were happening.  Others, I needed to look in the "rear view mirror", to be able to really see and feel the real impact of those blessings.  There were also times that I hit "bumpy roads", parts of the journey that I hadn't expected to fall into my path.  Sometimes, I weathered those bumpy roads well, others, needed a major overhaul on the car. 

Our journey has been long in the "planning" stages, not by us, but by God.  He truly has it all figured out.  We, at times, are the ones that take the detours.  We find a way to hit bumpy roads and decide that we need to take a different path.  Yet, it is usually those bumpy roads that help us to persevere, that make our journey with God even greater.  Sometimes, we get lost.  We lose our way and we just don't know where to turn (and let's face it - if we are with our husbands, we aren't stopping to ask for directions)!!  

Yet, the greatest map and the holder of all the direction we need is probably sitting in all of our homes, and it is certainly available to us these days by many different means - The Bible.  The wonderful Bible has all the direction and mapping we need for this journey called life.  It means, though, that we need to stop - daily - to ask for direction, to ask for help, to see where our journey is best to take us.

There is so much today that can make life difficult.  We have been provided much in the way of technology and information.  Sometimes, we need to get back to basics, to go on a road trip with God, to get the greatest map in the world out, The Bible.  Let God get into the driver's seat, and you can be the passenger.  See where God takes you - I can guarantee you that it will be someplace wonderful, filled with blessings at every turn.  I can also guarantee you bumpy roads, for God says we will have those too.  Yet, The Bible can also fill those potholes in life and get us on our way again.  

It's time to be strong in a Simple Faith, to take the journey with God.  Let him have control on this trip of life.  Just open up your Bible, and read.  I am sure there is something in there that will drive your journey towards Him~~

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go?  (NIV)  Joshua 1:9

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