Sunday, September 1, 2013

What Does It Look Like?


Some things are hard to picture, things that are not concrete in nature.  Today, we had a great sermon preached by Pastor Mick on being humble.  It got me thinking - what does being humble look like?  I think I am humble, but am I truly humble in all situations?  As I thought about this all day, it came down to a resounding - NO.  I think I am, I believe that I TRY to be humble, but as each situation presents itself, there is certainly room for me to improve, to get much better at being humble.

I started by looking at my world and those in it.  I thought about work and those relationships.  I could find plenty of examples with people who were not humble - MANY.  It was easy to point the finger.  Then I looked at myself and realized that I, as well, was not always humble during work relationships.  There are plenty of times when I am involved in scenarios at work and I am not always right.  Yet, I do my best to prove my point versus listening to the other side of the story - to learn from those around me.  Yes, there are times when I try my best to live by the example of others first, to take a seat of less stature for those around me to be exalted.  I am sure that it doesn't happen nearly enough.

What about my family?  Yes, there are plenty of times, once again, I can point my finger and say to myself "that person didn't exhibit very humble behavior".  I am sure that my family can share many times when I was not humble.  Many examples come to the table.  Times when I "know when I am right", when truly listening to my husband and his ideas of how to fix the house or what to do with our day would be more humble (and probably the better) thing to do.  The same holds true of my children.  I try my best to put them all first, to put their needs above mine, to listen to their outlook and their points of view.  Yet, I don't always let go of my "pre-conceived" ideas, and find it hard to eat some "humble pie" when I should.  Once again, I am sure that showing a humble heart doesn't happen nearly enough.

Why is it so important to be humble?  Why should we strive so hard to be humble?  Let's look at the picture of us when we aren't humble.  When we lack humility, we are self-centered.  The direction and focus is on ME, on MY way, on MY direction.  I am right in my thinking, I am successful in my job, I am good when others are not, I am . . . well, you get the picture.  When we are NOT humble, the focus becomes one by which the mirror is reflective of me, not God.  When God is not in the picture, then Satan is.  No good can possibly come of that.  We believe we deserve all that is around us, and greed steps in.  I am sad to say, there are moments in my life when my behavior has been reflective of the ME and the MY, and God's grace has difficulty entering that picture.

So, what does humble look like?  I think the greatest picture that we can frame our own humbleness after is that of our dear Savior, Jesus.  Let's reflect on the incredible humble servant he was to US.  To me, a great picture of Jesus being humble was when he washed the very dirty feet of those who walked with him down dirt paths, washing the feet of his disciples.  He was the one who should have had his feet washed every day by those men, but it was he who humbled himself, took out water and towel, and washed their feet.  Yet, the greatest picture of being humble was when Jesus went through the pain and torture for a crime he never committed, for US.  To hang on a cross and feel the humiliation of all of our sins had to be the most humbling of experiences.  Why did he do such an incredible act?  Because he loves us, each and every one of us.  When I picture humble, I picture Jesus and all that he has done for me.

Therefore, I need to continue to try to be the picture of humility, of being humble.  I need to pray and ask Jesus for the strength to resist prideful ways, and realize that being humble brings so much more grace, mercy and peace in my life.  When my behavior has been more humble, my life has been more filled.  Maybe not with material things, but with God's hand of grace.  I have felt it.  When I extend a warm touch, a kind word, an understanding heart, I have been blessed tenfold in return.  That's what God gives us.  The next time we want to believe we did it ourselves, that it is our way to success, that we are better than others - may we stop, pray for a changed heart, and bring forward a humble picture - one that GOD would be proud of.  Here is to a humble journey for us all.

"That is why Scripture says:  "God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble."  Submit yourselves, then, to God.  Resist the devil, and he will flee from you."  (NIV)  James 4: 6-7  

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