Sunday, November 10, 2013

Calling Out


To say it's been an interesting week is an understatement.  Last Monday morning, as I was pumping gas to start off my week of commuting and work, I tripped over the gas pump hose and ended up dislocating and breaking my ankle.  It has been a long week of xrays, surgery, hospital stays, crutches, etc.  Unfortunately, it seems as if I will be off my feet for a few weeks.
So, this week's blog will be a little short.  Yet, there was a very important lesson I learned this week when this happened.  My initial response when this happened was to cry out to my Lord, "Help me please."  It was a whisper, I was on the ground, but it was my initial response, "Lord, please help me."  It was then that he told me to call out louder.  So, I did.  In a louder voice, it was "Help me, please, help me."  Sure enough, two wonderful saints came to my aid to assist with calling an ambulance, my husband, and get the "wheels of recovery" in motion.  The Lord didn't wait to answer my calls, he sent wonderful people to come.  They stayed with me until the ambulance showed up - two people that had their morning disrupted, but chose to answer a call of help and didn't leave me until it was okay for that to happen.
The incredible people who assisted has continued throughout the week.  There was the nursing staff who was always there to hold my hand and ensure me that things were going to be okay; there were the great doctors who tended to my injuries.  My wonderful family has truly come to my aid, interrupting their days of work or college and returning home to help with the cooking, shopping, cleaning, etc.,  There have been many friends who have generously brought meals to nourish me and my family, as well as gifts of flowers, cards, and fruit to let me know that they are thinking and praying for me.  Most of all, there are all the prayers of healing from so many.  So many incredible stewards responding to the call that I sent out to our Lord, asking for help.
It's amazing how God responds to us when we ask for help.  At the moment, I knew that my ankle was dislocated (trust me, I knew), and I just asked God for help.  I didn't know what type of help I needed - but God did.  He always knows what we need.  When we call out, when we rely on the One who always knows what we need, he responds bigger and greater than we can ever imagine.  Other times, I would have tried to do so many things on my own first - waiting to call out to our Dear Lord.  This time, as I grow in my every day faith of our Lord - growing with all of you - I looked to Him first.  He was wonderful enough to respond so generously.
Remember, it is okay to call out to God, to ask Him for help.  The way he responds is truly a miracle.  I experienced many miracles this past week and will be eternally grateful to all those who gave of their time, their energy, and their resources, to help.  It will be a lengthy recovery, but I know when I call out, He will provide. 
"Then you will call, and the Lord will answer; you will cry for help, and he will say:  Here am I."  (NIV)  Isaiah 58:9

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