Sunday, November 17, 2013

Searching for Strength


I would consider myself to be a fairly strong woman.  Strength can be seen in many different areas. I view that I can be somewhat strong in the physical sense (but please don't put me up against anyone who works out at the gym).  Typically, I can hold my own and keep up a steady pace of work, home chores of love, and other items on the list that would see me constantly moving. I also see strength in the emotional sense. Again, typically, I see myself as a fairly strong woman in this realm as well.  I view the circumstances, view the options, and persevere through.   I would like to see myself as strong in the spiritual sense as well, growing every day. 

There are challenges that are put in our lives that waiver our strength. I believe they are put there for many reasons. These situations are usually placed perfectly when needed most - when we need to realize that our strength is not our own. Last night, I had one of those moments. Through this latest "bump" in the road that has slowed me down, I have been trying to continue as much 'life as normal' activities as possible. Yet, last night that all seemed to come to a halt. Nothing drastically changed last night from the other nights during the last two weeks.  I just stopped and cried. It seemed overwhelming.  The thoughts that I couldn't provide like I used to for my family with their meals, that I didn't have any physical strength left to even lift myself from a chair into a bed, that my emotional strength seemed to be breaking down  - all of it left me drained. 

Have you been there as I have been?  Have you wondered where all your strength went?  Maybe it was dealing with a physical calamity.  Maybe it was dealing with something that strikes closer to your heart, an emotional or spiritual weakness that you couldn't seem to gather any strength from.  It is hard for us, as humans, to admit weakness - either physically, emotionally, or spiritually. Many times , we believe we can do it all and nothing should stop us. Yet, it is at these times of weakness that we truly understand where our strength comes from.

Sooner than I have done in past situations (I must be learning something along the way), I went to my Lord. Through tears that only He could know and understand, I prayed for strength. I asked for strength in healing, for emotional strength, for the strength that only He could provide.  As I turned to His word this morning, God found me!  He gave me His words to gain strength.  I found new ways to do things. I found a way to make a meal for my family. I found a way to make a cup of coffee. Although my husband lovingly does these things for me, I needed to try and do them for myself. There is strength that comes from that. 

When we least expect to find strength and in the smallest of ways, God is there for us - to guide us to the strength that we need.  I've seen that with so many people in my life, so many people who found strength to keep going from their Lord. My dad was one of them. Often sick and weak, we would ask him, "How are you Daddy?"  He would always respond, "Strong like bull."  He could barely lift his head off the pillow, but we know where his strength came from!  My mom uttered those same words upon her long recovery from heart surgery less than a year ago. Yes she is!

Do you need strength?  Maybe strength to deal with physical concerns. Maybe strength to get through a difficult relationship. Maybe strength to persevere and guide you way through a tough situation. There is truly only One who can provide the strength we need - the only One who can give us the strength to move forward. Reach out to Him, pray to Him, read His word, talk to his believers. Find the strength that He has for you. He loves you so very much - strength comes with love from Him! 

As for me?  I am regaining my strength, both physically and emotionally. For He has given it back to me in small meaningful ways. I am "strong like bull."  Afterall, I am a product of my parents - and God!

"He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak."  
(NIV). Isaiah 40:29

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