Sunday, April 13, 2014

Our Humble King

Palm Sunday - an incredible day when we, as Christians, take time to praise our Savior.  It was the day that people actually hailed him as King.  With shouts of Alleluia and Hosanna to the Highest, our dear Jesus was celebrated for the incredible Savior he had come to be for us.

As I prepared for worship today, I was overcome with a sense of the man our Jesus was, the man that we were able to identify with, the King that not only he was here on Earth, but even greater - the King that reigns in heaven.  Throughout Jesus' life, there was always a sense of humbleness.  The Son of God, who humbled himself to be born to a young woman and her carpenter husband in a lowly manger.  The Son of God, who walked through towns healing and performing miracles for the truly needy of his time - those that needed His grace and mercy the most.  The Son of God, who humbled himself by surrounding himself with ordinary men throughout his ministry; not men of gold and silver, but fishermen and a tax collector.  The Son of God, who when finally received shouts of praise was riding on a lowly donkey.  The Son of God, who humbled himself to be a man and die a horrific death that He so didn't deserve, to fulfill prophecy and take all of our sins - so numerous to mention - on His shoulders.

The humbleness of our Lord is incredible to take time and think about.  We search, every day, on how we can walk in the path of our Lord.  There was so much he taught us during his time here on Earth - compassion, love, kindness, gentleness, discipline, hope.  I believe one of the greatest qualities He shared with us is an true example of how to be humble.  

I reviewed my life this past week, and there were times when I wasn't humble, at work, at home, with family..... and I realized the incredible journey I still need to make when it comes to walking with my Lord.  Humble, not to be proud or arrogant.  Through words and actions, I did not live that out.  There were times when My way was the best way, there was no room for other opinions, and I was proud of my personal efforts.  Yet, my ways, my personal efforts, my . . . . all come from God.  None of it is me, none of it was done on my own.  It is God, guiding, directing, orchestrating a life for me that will honor Him.  How about you?  Did you share a life of humbleness this past week?  Is there room for improvement?  The week ahead is a PERFECT week for us to realize the humanity of our Lord and the humbleness of our lives.

The week ahead, Holy Week, is one of my favorite weeks of the year.  It is a week filled with deep emotion.  The discipline of our Lord through his actions in the temple.  The compassion and love showed at the Last Supper.  The humility of Jesus washing his disciples feet (an incredible picture of humbleness).  The pain and suffering from the Garden to the Cross that Jesus took - for us.  For each one of us that has difficulty showing His discipline, His compassion, His love, His humility in our daily lives, the greatest part is that He is not asking that we show that in order to gain forgiveness of our sins.  For Jesus, who did all of those things for us, He just wants us to believe in Him~~  Simple Faith in our Lord.  With that, He will deliver us all that we need.

As your week unfolds, let Jesus guide you through His actions, your actions.  Keep Jesus close to your hearts always, but especially this week.  Be with Him, the one who saved you - who gave so much for you.   In thought, in words, in deeds - let Him know how thankful you are that you are saved by Him.  Blessings to all for a Holy Week filled with humbleness.  May love and adoration be a part of your day with Him, forever.  

"They took palm branches and went out to meet him, shouting, "Hosanna!" "Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!" "Blessed is the King of Israel!"  (NIV) John 12:13  

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