Sunday, April 27, 2014

Hopeful Happenings


Hope comes in many moments, in many faces, in many words.  I thought about hope this week as someone I love provided me a bit of hope.  As our high school was having a drive for "Locks for Love", they invited those that did not have enough hair to donate to shave their heads in memory/honor of someone who has struggled with cancer.  My son came home with this beautiful bald head, in honor of my struggle. Yes, I cried.  Yes, I smiled. Yes, I shared.  Yet, it got me thinking of the many faces and moments of hope.

I believe  hope is something that we have when we need to see past today, in any given situation.  It may be hope for healing, hope for forgiveness, hope for restoration, hope for love.  When I was diagonsed with cancer (almost 15 years ago - this fall), hope seemed close and far away, all at the same time.  As I progressed through treatment, all of the surgeries, the chemo treatments, the loss of hair, the sickness, the radiation, the tiredness, etc., there was hope.  I had my Jesus to rely upon, to comfort me, to love me, to heal me.  Even through that, I had hope happenings.  There was hope in Krystina's hugs.  There was hope in Sarah's smiles.  There was hope in Mom's words.  There was hope in Dad's silence.  There was hope in my friends' acts.  There was hope around me - even when I didn't think the hope would still be there.  These hope happenings were incredible moments when I realized that there was hope in my future.  It was those happenings that got me through that time in my life and move forward.  It was that hope that no matter what would happen, my hope was rooted in my Jesus and the paradise He promised me.

Since that time in my life, hope happenings have found their way back into my life on many occassions.  Wonderful hope in my marriage, engaging hope in my job, joyful hope in my children, and everlasting hope in my Savior.  The beauty of these hope happenings is when I focus my issues/problems/concerns towards God's hope, the happenings occur more often.  The hope that I need to pull me through a situation becomes clear - becomes life-changing.  Hope in God is just that, the faith that we know we have a future with God that will be forever, that will be wonderful, that will be joyful and full of love.

The best part is that by simple faith, pure faith, our hope in God is secure.  Faith in God provides a certainty of our hope.  We know that the things we look forward to, here on Earth and in heaven, are there for us.  God provides all our needs when we hope for the things He desires. Our selfish needs are not what God wills for us.  When we put our faith and our hope in God, the hope happenings show through.  It is an amazing feeling to know your hope is in God, who will always provide.  

Despair can lurk around any corner.  We have all felt it - I know I have.  Even with a greater faith, there are still days when despair can overcome me.  Yet, with a solid eye on His Word, I know that God will provide.  I can hope in Him, and with a strong and simple faith, He will provide.  Hope may come in  hugs, smiles, words, or a bald head!!  Hope is rooted in Christ.  Know that hope for your future is embedded in God.  Go to Him for healing, for restoration, for forgiveness, for love.  Here are to many hope happenings in your future.  Here is to a lifetime of simple faith in God!!

"Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see."  (NIV)  Hebrews 11:1

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