Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Master Weaver

Tomorrow is the first day of Fall.  Yes, truly the best season of the year - especially if you live in New England.  Cool crisp weather, beautiful trees, magnificent mums, apple picking season, pumpkins on the doorstep; the list of "goodness" just goes on and on and on.  Anyone who knows me knows that this is truly the season I live for every year.

As I spent time this past week trying to see all of God's wonderful blessings in my life, I couldn't help but continue to see the Master Weaver in practice.  Whether it was the apple weaved into a place mat on my kitchen table, or a patch of beautiful leaves turning color amongst the green, it seemed as if God was showing me how he weaves wonderful items of beauty into our lives.  

It made me think about all of the blessings God has wonderfully weaved into my life.  The people that have become such a strong influence and source of comfort amongst difficult times.  The highs and the lows that I have experienced through personal strife and tribulations.  The incredible family that I have and how they are such an integral part of my life.  It has been as if God has taken a huge loom and just started weaving all of the experiences I have had into what is known as my life.

God does that, doesn't He?  He is able to see and know what we need at every moment in our lives and provides just what is needed.  Does that mean that each day is going to be one of comfort?  No - not even close!  Does it mean that we won't struggle and have tough times?  I don't know about you - but there have certainly been struggles in my life!  What does it mean?  It means that each and every moment - the easy and rough; the good and bad; the highs and lows; are all intricately weaved into each day - our Lord knowing that one moment would weave perfectly into the next.

This image of the Master Weaver also led me to the times in my life when my personal choices - the bad ones - led to my life unravelling.  When I followed my path, my choices, my decisions that were not God driven, I found my moments not so well weaved, but it was as if someone took a piece of thread and pulled until there was nothing left.  That feeling of emptiness is also something I have experienced.  To know that the choice that I made led me to a place of despair.  

Yet - those places of despair were, once again, repaired into a beautiful tapestry.  This ONLY happened when I went to my Dear Lord in prayer, knowing that if I submersed myself in God's word and put my trust into His hands, my life would, once again, become a life of beauty.  How many times I have turned from my God's purpose in my life?  How many times I must have disappointed him?  How many times He must have said, "Again, Susan??"  Yet, no matter how many times I may have turned from choices and decisions rooted in Him, He NEVER turned His back on me.  He has continued to turn my life, this little life amongst millions, into a life I cherish every day.

When was the last time YOU let the Master Weaver do the work in your life?  Has He created an incredible masterpiece for you?  Are you LETTING Him do his wonder or are you turning away in selfishness.  Take some time to think about these decisions, about our focus on God, about how He can weave each moment of every day into something outstanding.  Along the way . . . grab a freshly picked apple and a gaze at the foliage. . . remember - it's Fall, when God weaves incredible beauty into our lives.

"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose."  (NIV) Romans 8:28

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