Sunday, February 14, 2016

Greatest Love of All

Yes, it is Valentine's Day.  I always looked at this day as more of a family day versus a couples day.  That was due to my father.  He and my brother would cook for my mom and me every Valentine's Day, making us feel so special.  My mom is visiting my brother this Valentine's Day and I believe he is upholding the tradition.  Nice job brother!!

Many people are so vested into this day.  Please don't get me wrong.  I love my family and adore my husband to pieces, but guess what.  I love him EVERY day, not just this day.  Hopefully, he knows that by my actions each day as well.  Okay.  There may be some days where it isn't as evident as other days.  Sorry honey.

Yet, when I think of love and the best love story of all, my mind can't help but focus on our Jesus.  He showed us how to truly love.  To love without limits.  To love without justification.  To love unconditionally.  To love so large that we just can't comprehend the shear magnitude of that love.  To love that He was willing to give up everything - including his life - for us.  For each and every single one of us.

When Jesus loves us, we EACH feel that love.  It's not that "Sally" gets more love than "Joe", we all get the same incredible love.  And here's the real kicker - He loves us THAT much before we even love Him.  Before we are born.  Before we fully understand the immensity of Jesus' love.  He loves us THAT much.  

Many say, "I want to feel Jesus' love, and can't because He's not on earth".  Well, my friends, let me share an incredible thought with you.  We can feel His love because He is here!!  When He left this earthly life, He left the Holy Spirit - inside each and every one of us.  All we need to do is simply believe.  Yes, SIMPLY believe.  That truly is it.  We can feel His love all around us.  Yes, maybe His love can be found in that special someone in our lives.  Maybe His love can be found in our family.  Maybe His love can be found in friends.  Maybe you can even feel His love when you see the beauty of His creation.  Jesus' love is truly all around us.  We need to simply believe. 

Take this moment.  Just stop and fold your hands.  Let us simply ask Jesus to share His love in a way we can see it.  Let us thank Him for the love that He has given us.  Not just on THIS day, but every single day.  He loves us regardless of the mistakes we have made.  He loves us even when we don't love Him.  He loves us - simply loves us.  Enjoy the rest of this day knowing that the Greatest Love of All is seen in our Lord and Savior, Jesus.

"Dearest Jesus, may we take time today, and every day, to simply be still and see your love around us.  Help us to feel your love with those around us.  May we be the love to someone else, a friend, a family member, someone special.  Thank you, Jesus, for loving us so much that you gave up your life on this earth for all of our sins.  All glory be to you, the Greatest Love of All.  Amen."

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