Sunday, May 8, 2016

Treasure the Moments

". . .  But his mother treasured all these things in her heart."  (NIV)  Luke 2:51

Yes, it is Mother's Day.  I pray that all mothers who are reading this enjoyed their day.  Whether our day was filled with joy or chores, fun or frustration, it is still a day that helps us - as moms - reflect on all that is cherished in our most important job - being a mom.  I ask that you let me indulge in a little reflection with all of you.

In between going to church, having a nice breakfast, opening presents, and enjoying a nice meal, my heart kept taking me back to all the reasons I love being a mom.  I think it starts with the wonderful example I have from my mom.  Throughout our childhood, and into adulthood, my mom continues to share every day why it is so great to have this most important job.  She has shared warmth, she has shared discipline (of course, more with my brother than with me), she has shared hope, she has shared pain, she has shared joy, and she has shared frustration.  Yet, the two greatest gifts she has given me is love and faith.  Those two items she shared in abundance - while we were growing up and still today.  How blessed I am to have such a role model!

Then I thought back to all the wonderful moments I have had with my own children.  From pony rides to strawberry picking, from planting a garden to playing soccer.  From vacations in Washington DC to Niagara Falls.  From meeting Mickey Mouse (or too afraid to meet him) to meeting new family members.  As our family grew and we went from two children to four, the wonderful moments continued.  From enjoying treks through Costa Rica to enjoying time around a fire.  From family meetings to family dinners.  From crying together to laughing together.  Now the moments consist of high school and college graduations.  As the cliche goes, how time flies.

Yes, we have pictures to commemorate many of these incredible experiences.  Yet, as Mary, most of these treasures sit deep within my heart.  When I looked at that verse, I can see how Mary felt.  No, maybe I am not the mother of Jesus, but each mother knows that her children, whether they gave birth to them, adopted them, step-parented them, or were primary care givers in any capacity, are true treasures.  There is a peace that comes with knowing our children.  A peace that starts with each of their uniqueness as infants and continues long into  adulthood.  They may give us times of frustration and worry.  There are also times when us moms sit back and treasure moments.  It happens randomly.  Times that they can't be predicted, but the treasures become so overwhelming that emotions pop up (mine is usually in the response of happy tears).

Our Mother Mary taught us well, early on, to ponder these moments, treasure these moments.  I pray that as you reflect, you find a moment or two that have been treasured in your heart.  Maybe it is a moment with your children.  Maybe it is a moment with your mother.  Find that moment, ponder it in your heart, and treasure it with all that God has given us.  For it is these moments that make the word "Mother" so cherished.  Thank you for letting me indulge in this Mother Moment, for letting me share some of the joys my children have brought me, and for sharing the joys I have with my mom.    Treasure the Moments.

"Heavenly Jesus, we know the goodness and mercy you have bestowed on us through the gift of mothers.  We thank you for the wonderful example of your own mother, Mary and how she has influenced mothers throughout the years.  Let us give thanks for our moms and all that they have taught us.  If they are now with you Jesus, we know that their hearts are filled with constant joy.  May we all share in Mother Moments.  In your name we pray, Amen."

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