Sunday, June 23, 2013

Journey to Healing

Healing:  to make sound or whole.  When I see the word healing, my mind goes towards healing of a physical nature.  There have been plenty of situations in my life where this word has had an impact. 

Many years ago, my father became very ill.  Healing seemed to be a word that evaded him.  He spent many long months in a hospital bed.  Finally, the day came when he was able to come home.  It was a great day.  Although the years ahead proved to be filled with pain and suffering each day, he was healed enough to enjoy moments with his family - many more years than had originally been granted to him by doctors.  His journey to healing was long and arduous, but fruitful.

Years later, my own illness came to light.  I was diagnosed with cancer.  Long months of surgeries, chemo, and radiation almost proved to be more than I could handle.  Most days I felt more sick than before my diagnosis - not truly understanding how this could be!  Healing seemed to be far off and something that would never be grasped.  The side effects of nausea, sickness, loss of my hair, and burns from the radiation seemed more than I could bear.  That was over 13 years ago; healing was granted.  The journey was long, but fruitful.

Most recently, my mother experienced her own share of illness.  For all those years, with my dad and me, she had been our support systems, a foundation for our healing.  Now, she had an illness of her own - her heart.  The first of this year saw her in the hospital with valves being replaced and repaired, and many weeks of wondering if healing would be granted.  She labored to get well, she struggled to feel better.  Just weeks after the surgery and only a few days after being home, bronchitis set in.  Set backs seemed to plague her.   Yet, this past week, she received incredible news, healing has occurred.  She has been released from many medications and her energy and overall demeanor is wonderful - the vibrant and active mom I had known has returned; she has been healed.  Her long journey of healing has been fruitful.

Yet, healing occurs far past the physical nature.  Healing of our souls, of our faith, can be a much stronger type of healing.  This type of healing can actually bring us physical healing.  This type of healing can last a lifetime.  

During the past four months, I have been on a healing journey.  Years upon years, I have lived a stress-filled life, one by which was overshadowed by never having any "down time" and barely having enough time in the day to get everything done on my "to do" list.  Yes, I am a working mom and have much to do.  Yet, I was always burdened with so much to do that I felt a huge weight, literally, on my shoulders at all times.  Have you been there?  Are you there today?  The last thing I could possibly add to my list was another book, another Bible study.  Every moment of my life was filled.

I began an online Bible study based on the book Stressed Less Living.  I was determined to get my life back under control and become a better wife, mother and more importantly, a better daughter in Christ.  It was time!!  What I never thought would happen, though, was the journey I am now on that is truly "filling me up". This book, and the study that ensued, showed me that putting Christ FIRST in my life, first on my "to do" list, would refocus my world and change me forever.  A light has captured my heart, the light of God's Word, and the healing has occurred.

My days start with His word, through devotion and scripture.  Bible verses are everywhere, saved on notes, daytimers, computers, phones - anywhere that I can see them.  I have never been good at memorizing scripture and have always marveled at those who can.  Instead of "stressing" to try to memorize, I have it all available - whenever I need it.  I share it, in cards, in letters, in emails, and most recently, in this blog.  Peace has replaced the burden weighing down on my shoulders.  The restoration of my soul had begun.

There are many days when I find myself faltering back, back on old ways or old thoughts that would drive my stress-filled moments.  Yet, now I catch myself.  It is a journey, right?  I may never be "fully healed", but I am enjoying the path to healing.  It has taken almost 50 years to reach the point where I am today - soon I will be celebrating a milestone birthday.  I thought this would be a difficult chapter to embark on in my life.  Now, I am looking forward to it.  Christ, and those who engaged in the Bible Study, provided the light of a new day for me.  I now get to experience the healing.  Blessings abound!!

What part of your life needs healing?  Maybe it is physical healing.  God is there for you, to restore.  Maybe it is addictive healing.  God is there for you, to restore.  Maybe it is soul healing.  God is there for you, to restore.  Maybe it is faith healing.  God will ALWAYS be there for you, to restore.  Simply have faith and trust Him - He will heal.

"Then your light will break forth like the dawn, and your healing will quickly appear; then your righteousness will go before you, and the glory of the Lord will be your rear guard." (NIV ) Isaiah 58:8

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