Sunday, June 9, 2013

Simple Strength

Strength in God, strength from God, sometimes waivers.  Many of us know that - many of us have felt that.  We know we believe, we know we have faith, we know God is there for us.  Yet, if that is the case, "Why?"   Why do bad things happen - to others, to me, to my family?  Why do we deal with illnesses, with grief, with death?  Why do we have stress that is overwhelming?  Why can't we seem to break through the agony sometimes?  Why?

I am not going to claim to have the answers to these questions.  Many times, the Devil can intervene in our lives.  Sometimes, I believe God gives us the opportunity to test our faith, to make us truly appreciate His strength - strength that can only come from God.  I don't know about you, but it is at those times of total desperation, total despair, that I am closest to my Lord.  Why?  I have no where else to go.  I realize at those times that I can't fix things anymore.  

Problem is, why do I wait so long.  Can you imagine how much more rewarding our lives would be if we counted on God from the beginning?  I know, we pray, we go to church - we may even get into the Word once in a while.  I mean REALLY go to God on day one.  Talk to him, tell him what's on your mind, share your weaknesses, ask for his strength, live the life he wants you to.    God's strength isn't only there for you when times are tough and bleak.  His strength is there for you each and every day - in all that you do.   

Today was Confirmation Sunday at our church.  It is a special day in a young person's life - a day they begin their journey and relationship with the Lord.  It is the day that they get to realize the strength they can gain from Simple Faith in God.  All we need to do is believe, believe that Jesus died on the cross for OUR sins, believe that we are FORGIVEN, believe that we can't do it ALONE, believe that he will ALWAYS be there for us.  Today, people have faith in so many things - in business, in politics, in medicine.  They say, "You can SEE those things - you can't see God."  Really?  

I see God every day.  Stop.  I mean stop~~  Take a moment to look around you, close your eyes, feel the breeze, hear laughter, smell flowers - it is all there.  All that HE has created.  I challenge you to start taking time each day to do two things - I promise you - it won't take long.  Wake up in the morning asking for God's help for something during the day - simply asking for His strength to guide you.  In the evening, before you close your eyes, thank him for one blessing of the day.  I am sure you can find one!  Let's take the challenge - in the morning and in the evening.  We can do this together.  I can almost guarantee the richness in our lives will be overwhelming.  I can't wait!! 

In the morning, let us ask for his Simple Strength.  In the evening, let us give thanks for Simple Blessings.  Most importantly, have Simple Faith.

"Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous, be strong."  (NIV) 1 Corinthians 16:13

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