Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Greatest Gift

Yes, today is Mother's Day.  I have always loved this day. It is truly a day of celebration.  Whether you get the privilege of spending this day with your mother (as I have had the privilege), whether your Mom is far away, or perhaps your Mom is in paradise with our Dear Heavenly Father; it truly is a day to celebrate.  The happiness that children give their mothers is immeasurable.  Maybe it is an unexpected hug, a gift, a smile, a card, a phone call, etc.  No matter the gift, big or small, ensuring that your mother is remembered on this special day is important.

I started thinking about mothers all over the world.  There are so many shapes and sizes, so many different relationships, so many definitions of "mom".  We have different personalities, different goals, different ways of showing our love.  Yet, we all have it - the love for our children that is hard to put a measuring stick to, hard to show on a chart or graph.  Our children come in may shape and sizes, many different relationships, many definitions of children.  Whether children are born of us or not, all children are given to their Mother by God, who loves all of us.  We are blessed, as mothers, to care for all the children we have in our homes.

I couldn't help but think of my own Mom, Phyllis, as I was writing the blog today.  She is an epitome of a wonderful, loving, and caring Mom.  Her thoughts, her actions, her heart are all larger than life.  Growing up, we were structured very strongly by Mom and Dad.  When I was a teenager, I thought that they were being unreasonable (yes, just like every other teenager).  Yet, as I grew older, I realized the benefit of that structure, the benefit of strong boundaries.  Those boundaries, I found out, were a testimony to her love - providing for me, holding me close, showing me a path.  

Not only was there structure, there was teaching.  Yes, my mom may be a teacher by profession, but she never stopped teaching even though she was out of school.  She taught 24/7.  I learned through cooking, I learned through showing, I learned through conversations.  Most of all, I learned how to be a Christian woman, a woman filled with faith, strength, love and commitment to Jesus.  If there was just one lesson my Mom taught me, it was the lesson that was truly the most needed (and the most appreciated), the love of Christ.  

Yes, there was structure, there was teaching, but mosty of all - there was love.  My mom was always there for me.  Certainly, she was there as I grew up and went off to college, but probably more important than that, she is here, now, as grow older, for support, for advice, for counsel.  She is here - she never shyed away, she never turned her back on me - NEVER.  Her love is never be forgotten.  No matter how many cards, flowers, thank you's I may offer her, I know I will never be able to show her or tell her how much I love her.

As I have my own children now, I can only pray that I am half the mother mine has been to me.  I can only pray that the support and love she has shown me through the years has also been shown, by me, to my children.  I can only pray that I have offered her the happiness that she has to me.

So, to my mom, I say, "I love you".  May this day reflect all that you have given me and so much more.  To each of us, please take the time - one way or the other - to say, "I love you" to your mom.  Maybe it is in a phone call.  Maybe a card.  Maybe a virtual picture you can send to her.  Maybe a prayer towards heaven.  Whatever the method may be, know that she will be on the receiving end, cherishing every moment.  Know that each and every day, feel free to remember your mom.  She will gladly receive your words, and know in her heart, that she is with you.

I love you Mom.  May God richly bless you as you have me.  Here's to your joy!!

"May your father and mother rejoice; may she who gave you birth be joyful."  (NIV) Proverbs 23:25

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