Sunday, August 3, 2014

Change and Same


Yep, you got it, I found it time for a change.  I met the wishes of my children for a couple of years and tried to grow out my hair.  I have always donned short hair with many layers, so to grow it out to one length was a real accomplishment!  Yet, as I kept trying to make my straight hair full of volume (let's face it, I am a child of the '80s in New Jersey), I was never satisfied.  So I went back to my comfort level, short hair.  What a freeing experience to go back and feel comfortable.  

Meanwhile, at work, we are continuing to move forward with change.  Funny how about 20 years and insight to new technologies can make a real difference in the workplace.  What was once comfortable and stagnant is now in constant motion.  At every turn, in every industry, change is rising.  Yes, it is always nice to be working towards something new, something different.  

It is great to continuously improve in any aspect of our lives - at work or at home.  Yet, I know that there are times when I find change difficult to manage.  I like comfortable.  I realize as I get older, that comfortable becomes more important to me.  I like my "comfy" clothes, I like my "comfy" blanket, I like my "comfy" food - I think you get the hint.  Still, change is important as we move through life.  If we shouldered all of our days in the "comfy" column, how would we grow?  How would we improve?  

As always, I find myself in conflict.  I fully believe that changing, for the better, is a goal I need to pursue.  There are many areas where this can take place.  I can change and learn more professionally. I can change and become healthier (yea, that goal in the beginning of the year is slow in coming).  I can change in many ways.  I don't know about you, but I find change to be a bit scary.  Changing processes and procedures at work can be tough to sustain - I do enjoy going back to my comfortable way of doing things.  Change at home can be tough - kids leaving for school, pursuing their dreams, produces a home that is much quieter than it used to be.  Change with me personally has always been difficult (as evidenced by my lack of a healthier lifestyle).  Change is hard, but necessary, if we are to grow.

There is good news, though, in the midst of change and the discomfort it can provide.  We have a constant in our lives that NEVER changes, that NEVER goes out of style (like my '80s hair), that NEVER leaves us on our own.  That constant is Jesus.  He is always there for us, the way He was when He entered our lives, the way He is in every conversation we have with Him, the way He will be when we meet Him in paradise.  I find that part of our Savior to be a huge comfort in the midst of change.  He never stops loving us unconditionally.  He never takes away our heavenly home, no matter how much we might not deserve that.  He is ALWAYS there - NEVER changing.  That's better than my "comfy" clothes and blanket all wrapped up into one.  I need Jesus' constant amidst all the change.  

Are you longing for comfort amongst the change of every-day life?  Look no further than the arms of our Lord - He is waiting for you to sit with Him, have a cup of coffee with Him, and talk with Him.  So let's make a commitment to each other - when the days of change get to us (and they do), let's go seek Jesus' face.  Open up the Bible to hear His words of comfort.  He is waiting for us!

"Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever."  (NIV)  Hebrews 13:8

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