Monday, August 25, 2014

The Waiting Game

I waited, and waited and waited.  I had a plan, and it wasn't being fulfilled (I know many of you are surprised at that)!!  It was Saturday morning and I had a full day of activities to attend to.  The first one being, I was going to be at the grocery store at 7AM.  Now, that's not abnormal for me, but of course, I am still in the "broken ankle" boot.  I had it all planned, though.  I am cleared to drive small distances, so the grocery store fits into that distance.  I would leave home at 6:50, be at the store at 7AM, do my shopping and be home by 8:15, put away groceries, and be ready to leave for the next errand at 8:30.

That was until my husband woke up with me and said he would take me to the grocery store.  The more I insisted that he didn't need to come, the more he insisted that he did.  I wasn't going to win this one.  Okay, how many of you ladies are very envious of me - having a husband who is willing to go to the store with me??  Of course, he needed to shower first, get ready, etc.  Yep, you guessed it, at 6:50AM I am waiting near the door, list in hand, ready to go.  6:50 passed.  So did 6:55, 6:58 and the bewitching hour - 7AM!!  Now I'm REALLY ready to lose my patience (okay, maybe that was lost when he shared he was coming with me).  I kept trying to put all of this into perspective, but my lack of patience was getting the best of me.  At 7:05, he arrives, ready to go. 

In the car, I looked out the window - AND PRAYED.  The car ride was quiet as I reached out to God, asking for a new batch of patience that day.  Of all the things for me to get upset about - REALLY?  Yes, my schedule was off.  Yes, I might be a bit late to the next appointment.  Yet, I had a wonderful husband sitting next to me in the car, going shopping with me on the only day he could sleep in.

I began to realize the things I get frustrated about - lose my patience over.  I seem to be better with "the big things" and sometimes let the little ones be the catalyst for me losing my patience.  My thoughts drove me to Jesus.  Now THERE'S a man who has patience to be modeled after.  He has such patience for me.  With all that I've done (and continue to do) wrong.  With my poor actions, improper words, and yes, at times, lack of faith - He still continues to have patience with me.  He is there for me, patiently waiting, until I recognize and repent my sins.  He is there for me, patiently waiting, until I turn back to Him for guidance and counsel.  He is there for me, patiently waiting, to love me and bless me abundantly no matter how many times He could have turn His back on me.  He is there for me, patiently waiting.  The more I thought of Jesus' patience, the more my heart melted and my impatient behavior faded away.  I had the gift my Jesus gave to me, my precious husband, sitting right next to me - even if we left 15 minutes later than I wanted.  Jesus' patience is a model for how I should act - EVERY TIME.

We completed the shopping quickly (probably quicker than if I were to have done it by myself) and we certainly had plenty of time to leave by 8:30 for the next errand.  Throughout the day, I found myself to have more patience - not getting thrown off by the little things.  Bottom line, my Simple Faith kicked in Saturday morning, and brought a more peaceful day for all.  A big thank you to my husband - I do appreciate everything you do for me.

An even bigger thank you to my Jesus.  Please pray with me:  Jesus, your model of patience is all around me.  You are patient with my behavior, my words, my actions.  You are patient with my praise to you (or lack thereof sometimes).  You are patient, most of all, because I know you love me.  Help me, Jesus, to continue to be patient in all I do.  Show me, guide me, to not only be patient, but show my patience to others.  I love you, Jesus, and may waiting always show me grace.

"But for that very reason I was shown mercy so that in me, the worst of sinners, Christ Jesus might display his immense patience as an example for those who would believe in him and receive eternal life."  (NIV)  1 Timothy 1:16

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