Monday, August 18, 2014

Clouds of Love

There is something about a cloudy day.  Many people say they enjoy the sunny days.  Yes, I do too, but when there is a cloudy day, something comes over me.  A sense of reflection, of peace, maybe some melancholy.  Either way, I do love my cloudy days.  Looking at the clouds up in the sky is such a great reminder of God's power.  His creation of clouds helps me to see His incredible power and strength.  The clouds can bring devastation with torrential rains and heavy flooding.  Clouds can bring much needed relief to parch-stricken land.  Clouds can bring comfort on a hot day.  As always, God's creation can share much for us.

As I focused on the beautiful clouds, I couldn't help but be taken in by their beauty and strength.  When a weather person predicts a "partly cloudy" day, I get excited for I know that I will get to view God's hand at work.  It made me think of the "partly cloudy" days in my life.  Some days, when the sun may not shine all the way - I realize I probably have more of those type of days than once thought.  Maybe the day was going great - lots of positive things going on, and then a cloud of "discomfort" comes along to cast a shadow on the day.  Maybe my thoughts were nice thoughts, and a cloud of improper or not pure thoughts came into my head, bringing a cloud of sin.  Yes, many times when we think of clouds, we think of storms or impending floods in our lives.

Yet, it is always important to think of the good things that clouds can bring.  When my life seems "parched" with not much goodness, a cloud of blessings can rain over me.  Those are joyous days!  When I can't see the joy or happiness this world can bring, God is always there to bring clouds full of laughter and smiles to rain down on me.  Clouds are filled with God's love.  Even the clouds that brought the great flood of Noah's time were filled with God's love.  Yes, they brought destruction for those that didn't focus on God's greatness, but it also brought a way for us to strengthen our faith in God - knowing that He will bring goodness for those who obey him.

Job is a great example of God's love in clouds.  Job, a man who seemed to have it all, lost everything in what seemed like a blink of an eye.  Yet, God's love rained down on him as Job showed his dedication and faithfulness to God.  God will deliver the clouds of love.  God will share with us all we need, even on the "partly cloudy" days.  In fact, it is on those days that we can feel His love, and see it around us.

So the next time that the weather person calls for a partly cloudy day, see it as a chance to look up in the sky and see God's wonder - and look forward to feeling God's love.  I pray that as you read this, God rains His love on you in buckets!  May the week ahead bring all of you joy and happiness.  

In our Father's name - peace!

"He brings the clouds to punish people, or to water his earth and show his love."  (NIV)  Job 3:13

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