Sunday, August 23, 2015


Submission is a powerful word.  When I hear that word, it doesn't necessarily scream "AWESOME" to me.  It tends to be a word that I would associate with words like:  intimidation, weak, passive, etc.  That was, until this weekend.  Submission has taken on an entirely new meaning, and as I researched it in the Biblical terms, it became even clearer.

This weekend was a difficult weekend.  We brought our son, Christian, to his first year of college.  The only school he wanted to go to was Virginia Military Institute.  It was the only school he applied to, the only school he ever focused on.  That was it.  He was determined and worked hard to make sure his desire became a reality - and it did.  As with any military school, the incoming freshman go through many months of "conditioning"; not just physically, but mentally.  It's a matter of "breaking them down before building them up".  I can't imagine going through all of that - not to mention that this was something Christian CHOSE to do!  He actually wanted this!

So as we walked through the matriculation process on Saturday, I watched not only the incoming students, but also the current cadets, have a sense of submission - totally obeying those that spoke to them.  It was incredibly impressive and even as I think of it now, chills run down my spine.  There was a submission to the process, to the company commanders, to upperclassmen, submission.  To be totally passive in all situations (my original thought) would be difficult for me - yes, many of you know me all too well.

Yet, I researched the word.  If there was one person who was TOTALLY submissive, it was Jesus.  He did exactly as His father asked.  He came down from his throne, endured temptation, endured mockery, endured humiliation, etc. because His father told him to.  He submitted because He knew what it would bring - everlasting life for all of us that believe.  God being the ultimate leader, Jesus followed.  Jesus submitted, or invested, His earthly life in God.  Jesus had knowledge that in total submission comes great things.  Christian is submitting or investing his life to the company commander.  He has knowledge that in his total submission will come great things.

Now, the challenge is for all of us - for you and me.  By submitting or investing our lives to Jesus, we also will have great things.  We receive Jesus' grace, mercy, wisdom, peace and most pivotal, His unconditional love.  You may think it is harder to submit or invest in Jesus as He is not here to guide us.  Yet remember, it is our Simple Faith, that truly guides us to the journey He has laid out for us.  By following the path He has set before us, by submitting to His will - not ours, we will also receive great things - eternal life.  There is no greater gift for our submission than that!  When we submit to Him and tell Him that we know He is our savior, His arms will be reaching out to us from now until we see His face in heaven.  I don't know about you, but for that, I will submit!!  And please, a few prayers for Christian during these first few months as he submits would be deeply appreciated!!

"Heavenly Father, we know that through our simple faith in all that you have given to us, especially your son Jesus, we can have everlasting life with you.  This takes submission on our part to follow the path that you have laid out for us.  I pray that you will help all of us to submit to that journey.  May we be submissive to you as our great leader.  In your name I pray.  AMEN"

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