Sunday, October 16, 2016

True Colors

"Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you, before you were born I set you apart;" 
Jeremiah 1:5 (NIV)

As I continue to view the beautiful leaves in awe and wonder, I realized something this year that I didn't really make a conscious effort of noticing before.  The trees each have their unique hue to them.  Some are yellow, some are red, and some are orange.  Of course, there are others who haven't changed at all or are moving towards a brown.  In my mind, I always saw the trees' leaves as turning to one color on each tree.  This year, I saw the incredible difference.

As evidenced by the pictures above, the leaves themselves are different colors.  Some are a mixture of red and orange.  Others are a mix of orange and yellow.  Mix that together with a tree of those types of mixtures and the tree itself is filled with a host of different, collaborative colors.  It's amazing.  It is as if the trees don't have one true color, they are a mixture of many colors.

There are times people will say about others, "Oh, they are showing their true colors now!"  Have you ever realized that when someone says that statement, it is never in a positive tone?  Typically, this is when someone has been striving to behave in a "good" manner only to have a certain comment or situation bring out a different, less positive, response.  I think our true colors are more than the "negative behaviors", but different behaviors.

I believe that I am much like the trees.  I would love to be the vibrant orange all the time.  I always see that color as inviting and approachable.  Yet, there are times when I am the intense red (a bit filled with anger) or a timid yellow (yes, I can be timid).  There are also times when I am the muted brown (drab and blah) or a refreshing green (filled with newness).  It's hard to have a true color.  I think we are all a bit of the many colors that come together in a warm autumn breeze.  Isn't it all those incredible colors put together that creates the majesty of fall?

The next time we come across a person that may be showing their "true colors", keep in mind that it is probably just one of the many beautiful colors that they have - it's just up to us to see the mixture of the many colors that make up a wonderful person.  Remember that each person, in all of their colors, have been perfectly formed by God.  He is the true artist - the One who brings all the colors together.

"Heavenly Father, help us to remember that we all have many colors that make up who we are.  Instead of looking at those colors as a negative, help us to see all the wonderful colors that create the uniqueness of each person - for each of us has been made by YOU.  Amen!"

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