Sunday, October 2, 2016

Pick Up

"If either of them falls down, one can help the other up.  But pity anyone who falls and has no one to help them up."  Ecclesiastes 4:10  (NIV)

It's football season, and for those that know me - I love football.  As I was watching a game on television, I noticed something.  At the end of the play, once the tackles were made, typically one player would assist another one back up.  Sometimes, the player would actually have to pick the player up off the ground.  By offering a hand, the player on the ground found relief.  Many times, the player assisting the one on the ground was on the other team!  That's right, one person just genuinely helping up the other.

It reminded me of this special verse - about having someone else pick us up.  I know that I have had the blessings of many people who have picked me up when I was down.  I have been down physically (and my dear husband picked me up many times).  I have been down emotionally, completely drained without anything left in me, and my family and friends have picked me up. 

Coming back from being down can be tough.  Physically, it means trying to find a strong footing to move forward in better health.  If one has been unhealthy for a long period of time, rehabilitation is a step to recovery.  It's hard - getting better.  It's hard - relying on others.  It's hard - taking the next step.  Where we can be grateful is that we have people who can help pick us up as we continue to get better.

Coming back from being emotionally down can also be tough - sometimes even tougher than our physical ailments.  Being down, being depressed, having anxiety, or even a roller coaster of emotions can create havoc on us.  Yet, when we have people who pick us up and help us gain the strength to keep moving forward, we know we have been blessed.  Once again, it can take time for us to gain the strength to be emotionally healed.  We can be grateful for those who help us here as well.

 Probably the most difficult times I have endured are when I have even been down spiritually.  During those times, it can be tough to ask for help, spiritually.  People can see when we physically need to be picked up.  People can even see when we need to be emotionally picked up.  Yet, it is tough to see when we need to be spiritually picked up.  This is when I turned to my Dear Jesus, who was there to pick me up.  Through numerous prayers, He heard me.  Through numerous tears, He saw me.  Jesus was there for me, when I needed Him most.  He picked me up when I couldn't do it anymore.

It can be difficult to be the one who needs to be "picked up".  Asking for help is not easy for many of us.  Yet, doing so can prove such a great relief.  On the other side, being the one who is "picking up" another can also be a wonderful experience - many times far greater than being picked up.  Having the opportunity to pick up someone who needs help, whether physically, emotionally or spiritually, can have a healing factor on us!  

Look at the day ahead, look at the people you encounter.  Can you be the one who helps to pick up another?  Maybe it is a kind word, a warm meal, physically picking them up to go to a doctor's appointment, or saying a prayer for another.  Taking time out of our days to pick someone off the ground can be the best thing - for the other person and for YOU!

"Heavenly Father, many times we need to be "picked up" from the ground by others who can offer assistance.  Let us ask for that help and be grateful for those you surround us with.  In the same manner, help us to see those that need to be "picked up".  May we take the time to know that we can help others with an outstretched arm.  As always, Jesus, thank you for always being there to pick us up!!"

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