Sunday, October 30, 2016

Cozy Home

"Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching.  My Father will love them, and we will come to them and make our home with them."  John 14:23  (NIV)

Today, I was outside with the sun shining doing some yard work with my husband.  I was marveled by how warm it seemed.  Then the clouds came over and the wind picked up and I was reminded that it is autumn, with a chill in the air.  Yes, that made me smile!!

Of all the many things I absolutely adore about this season, I believe one thing that really makes me happy is that it is a time when a homey, comfy way of life begins.  As the spring and summer brings lots of activities and busyness, the fall starts a time when a more homey time begins - at least at our home.  This means more fires in the fireplace, warm meals (the homemade mac and cheese is in the oven), and candles are always lit.  It provides a cozy feel to our home.

I love that feeling of coziness, a warm blanket to cover a chill, a hot cup of tea, or even the glow of a single lamp.  I reflected a bit on why that feeling is so wonderful to me.  It boils down to the sense I get of love and security.  Whether the warmth comes from a fire, a blanket or a cup of tea, I feel cozy and happy.  The warm meals are my way of telling my family how much I love them - so they can also feel "cozy" and happy.

The verse for today talks about Jesus coming to those who believe in Him and making home with those people.  Wow, talk about a cozy home!  Imagine for a moment, Jesus showing up at your front door and coming in to stay for a while.  The warmth He would bring would light up the house and certainly create a grand sense of coziness.  I can only imagine sitting in Jesus' presence while He speaks of His love.  That certainly brings a smile to my face.

Remember, though, that Jesus IS in our homes.  He is there through the Holy Spirit, who is in each and every one of us.  We have the ability to speak of Jesus' love to each other in our homes.  Words of kindness instead of destruction.  Deeds of love versus fighting.  We can bring the coziness that Jesus wants for our homes through our words and deeds.  The next time that tensions rise in our homes, let's move forward in the Spirit that Jesus wants for all of our homes - a Spirit of love, joy, happiness and peace - a comfy home filled with Him.

As you light that candle, remember the Light of the World.  Stoking the logs in the fireplace?  Remember the blaze of wisdom.  Covering up with a blanket?  Remember how Jesus covers us with his love.  Keeping our homes cozy begins with keeping Jesus in our homes.

"Dearest Jesus, as we embark on the autumn season, come into our homes.  Fill us up with a sense of coziness, a sense of love and peace that we can give each other.  May we invite others into our homes and give to them as Jesus gives to us.  In your gracious name we pray, Amen."

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