Sunday, May 12, 2013

Greatest Gift

It's another Sunday evening in New Hampshire and I have to say what started out as a dreary and rainy morning has become an incredibly beautiful evening.  The rain clouds parted and the winds blew in.  The sun is beginning its evening set and the crisp cool air of a spring night has returned.  The day reminds me of many tough times I am sure we have all had at one point or another in our lives.  Tough times start out dreary, lots of dark clouds.  We wonder if they are ever going to leave - as it is difficult to see a bright spot amongst any of the difficult moments.  Yet, when we least expect it, the clouds part.  The tough times lift.  A ray of sunshine breaks through the pain, and there we are, on the other side.  The other side, shows us a rainbow of infinite possibilities, limitless journeys to new and glorious paths that our Lord has ready for us.

Getting through those difficult moments can prove to be draining.  There have been many times throughout the years where I wondered if I would actually GET THROUGH them.  Some may have been around relationships, some around health issues, some around parenting, others around my work.  Yet, the rainbow was always waiting for me.  I felt God was always waiting for me on the other side.

What I truly realize now, is that God isn't waiting for me on the other side.  He is WITH me through the entire event, through every difficult moment, every tear, every frustration, every moment of despair, He is there.  He is holding me up, helping me through, guiding me to the other side.  What I need to do is let Him show me the rainbow.  It isn't up to ME to tell God what needs to happen, it is up to Me to listen to God.  Yes, many times I have a problem with the listening part.  I am getting better with that - but the listening - truly listening is where the growth, the guidance, the richness, the rainbow comes from.

A rainbow reminds us of the relationship between us and God - it is always a wonderful and gentle reminder to me that God gives us so richly the many blessings of our day.  It's Mother's Day!  I had a wonderful day today.  I receive many blessings each and every day.  Today, I was wonderfully reminded from my children how blessed I am to be their Mom.  Their kind words, their generous gifts, their warms hugs, all made my day so much brighter.  I am also kindly blessed to have my Mom next to me this day, enjoying it with us.  It has been a tough year for her health wise, which made today so much more special.

I was anxious 7 1/2 years ago to get married and have our family grow to four children.   Today reminds me why I said "Yes" when my husband asked me to marry him.  Yes, I love him dearly and I want to spend the rest of my life with him each and every day.  Yet, I also wanted us to be a large family.  We have had our fair share of turmoil, of difficult moments, of dark clouds and rainy times.  But we have had more rainbow-filled days guided by God.  That I wouldn't give up for anything.

God will guide us, we just need to let Him.  Listen for his guiding hand.  And follow . . .

"He guides the humble in what is right and teaches them his way." (NIV) Psalm 25:9

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