Sunday, May 5, 2013

That Great Song!!

For many years, a dear friend of mine, Marcia, and I taught Sunday School - to pre-school children.  There was a great wonder in teaching God's children (very little children) His Word.  We looked forward to all the stories, and no matter how many children were in the class (sometimes 2, sometimes 12), we tried our best to share the story personally with each.  The last few years we had the blessing of teaching in a room where a very talented member of our congregation painted the Noah's Ark scene (not the one above - but you get the idea) on one of the walls in the room.  It was an inspiration for teaching just to walk through the doors.

What was even more special was our chance to share those incredible stories from the Bible with our precious children.  Through the telling of the story, arts and craft time, snack time, and song time, the smiles on their faces warmed our hearts.  Yes, there were many weeks (remember, I shared that we did this FOR YEARS), that preparing for the lesson that Sunday seemed arduous.  Yet, when the time came to share the story, something happened.  Giggles, laughters, even tears, would come from the children, but at the end of the class, the singing and happiness would be there.  I often wondered what transpired in that room, in Marcia, me and the children, that turned all of us into different people - large and small - for one hour of the week.  For one hour, our cares and woes were left at the door.

There is no other explanation than the Holy Spirit filling each of us in that room, each adult, each child.  What I saw when teaching Sunday School, especially to little ones, was truly the essence of faith, Simple Faith.  These children believed.  They believed what was shared with them - lived it by sharing with their classmates,  teaching their parents the songs we would sing, asking questions the next time we got together about the previous lesson, taking patience in many of the handiwork. . . . they had faith.  Yes, I understand, I am speaking of 2-3 year-olds, but isn't that the kind of faith our Heavenly Father wants us to have?  

A faith that is totally real.  A faith that is pure and innocent.  A faith that shares the goodness with all, with no fear of what people will say or how they will treat you.  A faith that knows that our Saviour is always there to take care of us, to love us.  There is no doubt that one of the children's favorite songs (and one of mine) always was "Jesus Loves Me".  As an adult, those words always bring comfort to my ears and my heart, as I lovingly am reminded that although weak, He is strong and that He loves me.  I have no further place to look, but the Bible.

There are days when we struggle with this difficult grown-up life that we have and all that we are dealt each day, financial woes, relationship concerns, health issues, and the list goes on.  Rest assured that when we bring God those troubles and have Simple Faith that he is there to receive our words, hear our crys, and know He will help us - in His time - He will deliver us from our weaknesses.  Remember the words below:

Jesus loves me, this I know;
For the Bible tells me so,
Little ones to Him belong,
They are weak, but He is strong...
Yes, Jesus Loves Me.  Yes, Jesus Loves Me.  Yes, Jesus Love Me - The Bible Tells Me So~~

We are all God's children.  Close your eyes, imagine holding Jesus' hand, sitting on the grass with Him, having Him listen to your problems.  That's the Jesus of Simple Faith.  He's Listening!!!

"So in Christ,  you are all children of God, through faith..." Galatians 3:26

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